Nurse Practitioner Post-Graduate Training Programs

Nurse practitioner post-graduate training programs, or residency programs are they are sometimes called, are gaining traction across the country, but there still aren’t that many. I’ve combed through lots of different resources and here is as comprehensive of a list of existing and future programs that I could find.

Here is a jpeg of a brochure that highlighted all the family nurse practitioner residency programs across the country – including current and future programs. Click for an expanded view (sorry I haven’t been able to figure out how to make it right side up when you click, so I recommend you click on it and then save it onto your desktop so you can rotate it on your computer!)

nurse practitioner residency programs

There are also some residencies for nurse practitioners who want to branch out of family practice. Here are the ones I’ve found:

Boston LEAH (Leadership Education in Adolescent Health) in Boston, Massachusetts (link)
Ten month fellowship for those with an interest in Adolescent Health.

Carilion Clinic in Roanoke, Virginia (link)
One year Emergency Medicine fellowship for PA’s and NP’s with rotations including but not limited to: emergency medicine, ophthalmology, EMS/Air Transport, anesthesia, cardiology, rural emergency medicine, peds EM, critical care medicine/ICU, internal medicine/ICU, orthopedics, and trauma.

Carolinas Healthcare System in Charlotte, North Carolina (link)
Multiple specialties available, including Urology, Medical Critical Care, Acute Care Surgery, Cardiology, Carolinas Hospitalist Group, and more in development. There is an ambulatory care fellowship with specialties in Pediatrics, Family Medicine, and Internal Medicine. There is also an Urgent Care Fellowship Program that can concentrate on either regular Urgent Care or Pediatric Urgent Care. There are multiple deadlines for multiple cycles.

Capital Health in Central New Jersey (link)
One year Neurosciences NP fellowship with rotations including but not limited to: outpatient neurology, inpatient neurology, neurosurgical ICU, center for neurologic emergency medicine, neurosurgery, neuroradiology, and endovascular neurosurgery.

Durham VA Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina (link)
One year Psychiatry NP program in conjunction with Duke University School of Nursing to develop certified psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioners to become specialists in veteran mental health conditions.

Emory Woodruff Health Sciences Center in Atlanta, Georgia (link)
One year Acute Care with rotations including but not limited to: surgical ICU, medical ICU, neurology ICU, cardiac care unit, infectious diseases, nephrology, trauma/surgical ICU, and operating room

Health Partners in St. Paul, Minnesota (link)
One year Psychiatry fellowship program for NP’s and PA’s at Regions Hospital Behavioral Health Services emphasizing differential diagnosis using DSM IV, psychopharmacology, neuroscience, psychological and neuropsychiatry assessment, emergency psychiatry, addiction psychiatry, community-based psychiatry, toxicology, adult and child psychiatry, and forensic psychiatry.

Johns Hopkins Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology in Baltimore, Maryland (link)
One year Gastroenterology and Hepatology program for new and practicing nurse practitioners with clinical rotations including: inpatient gastroenterology service, inpatient liver service, outpatient gastroenterology and hepatology clinic, optional inpatient nutrition rotation, and endoscopy procedural exposure.

Lahey Hospital & Medical Center in Burlington, Massachusetts (link)
Two year Dermatology fellowship for NP’s with one to two years of nurse practitioner experience, not necessarily in dermatology. Focus is medical dermatology, but will also become familiar with common cosmetic procedures.

Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts (link)
One year Palliative Care fellowship in conjunction with Harvard faculty and Harvard Palliative Medicine Fellows

Mayo Clinic in Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona (link)
One year Cardiology on-site didactic program with a minimum of 300 didactic hours and 1,700 clinical or mentored hours.

MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas (link)
One year Oncology fellowship at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Centers that exposes you to the entire spectrum of oncology care from prevention to end of life, but then you select specific services for rotations and in specialty areas for clinical focus and practice.

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City, New York (link)
One year Pain Management and Palliative Care integrated with the MD fellowship training program, preparing NP’s to sit for the advanced certification examination in palliative and hospice nursing through the Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association.

Methodist Hospital in Houston, Texas (link)
Offering two separate one year fellowships, one in Transplant and one in Neurosciences. The transplant fellowship is designed to train NP’s in the management of transplant patients in conjunction with the transplant surgeon in both acute and ambulatory care. The Neurosciences fellowship is integrated with the Neuroscience Residence/Fellows training.

Robbie Simpson Fellowship at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee (link)
Three month fellowships providing detailed knowledge and experience regarding the diagnosis, management, and long-term follow-up of pediatric hematology and oncology patients.  Rotations will include leukemia/lymphoma, solid tumor, neuro-oncology, bone marrow transplantation and cellular therapy, hematology and late effects.

Rogers Center for Research and Training in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (link)
A Psychiatric NP internship.

St. Luke’s University Health Network in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania (link)
One year acute care fellowship for NP’s and PA’s with tracks in Emergency Medicine/Critical Care or Critical Care/Surgical Subspecialties. The clinical experience consists of core rotations in medical critical care, surgical critical care, trauma, and emergency medicine. Then the Emergency Medicine/Critical Care track  will do more months of emergency medicine, and a couple weeks in cardiothoracic and neuro critical care. The Critical Care/Surgical subspecialty will do more rotations in surgical critical care, medical critical care and trauma, neuro critical care, and cardiothoracic critical care.

University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland (link)
Six month fellowships in either Critical Care or Trauma. Must be an Acute Care NP.

The future of nurse practitioner post-graduate training programs looks exciting based on all these that are available now. Please let us know if you have had experience in any of these programs, or you know of another one that is starting.

University of Rochester (link)
One year fellowship in Emergency Medicine for NP’s, university employee status and benefits. Side by side didactic with emergency medicine physician residents. Six months core emergency medicine, six months specialty rotations (cards, ortho, critical care, neuro, etc with elective options. Invitation on staff upon successful completion. Email for more information because an online application is not available.

For a first-hand account of a nurse practitioner residency, read this interview we conducted earlier in the year.

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  1. Great summary! I am a program director of the Emergency Medicine fellowship program for advanced practice providers at University of Rochester Medical Center. We are starting our inaugural year with 2 fellows in September. No website yet but would love if we could be included in your list.
    12 Months paid fellowship program, university employee status & benefits
    Side by side didactic with emergency medicine physician residents
    6 months core emergency medicine
    6 months specialty rotations (cards, ortho, critical care, neuro, etc with elective options)
    Invitation on staff upon successful completion

    • I graduate in May and am checking the program out now. I love the ED/Trauma/and Critical Care, and will be talking this over with the spouse! This is really right up my alley! Hands-on-training, education, experience, mentorship, and pay all in one!

      • do you have experience in the ICU? I am an oncology nurse graduating next May from a DNP family program starting to consider the ICU fellowships.

    • Dear Amanda,
      I would like to connect with you as I am attempting to develop 2 separate fellowship/residency post-graduate programs. One in chronic pain management that will have to also include addiction and one in neurosurgery (inpatient and office based).
      My job is to develop the curriculum.
      Please contact me @
      Since this does post does not include the contact information for Amanda, if someone monitoring this web site could forward, I would be most appreciative.
      We also have need for rural health/under-served populations which I might be able to include to secure funding.
      Any help is appreciate!

    • I am a Family Nurse Practitioner and I am looking for a program that will accept FNP degrees and help bridge the gap to acute care. Do you know of any programs that do this? thank you

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  3. I am a Family Nurse Practitioner and I am looking for a program that will accept FNP degrees and help bridge the gap to acute care. Do you know of any programs that do this? thank you

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