An Introduction to The Real NP

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Okay, it’s time. I finally feel like I have enough “real world” experience to build a website for all my fellow nurse practitioners (NPs) as well as future nurse practitioners and advanced practice nurses (APNs). No worries, I’m not funded by any big pharm companies, or anyone for that matter. This is just me, wanting to give a voice to the real advanced practice nurses out there working in the real world. This is a really exciting time to be a nurse practitioner, but if we want to advance our field as a whole we need to collectively share what we have learned.

When I started as a freshly licensed and “green” family nurse practitioner (FNP), I wished there was somewhere I could learn from those who came before me. Combing through forums, asking practicing NP’s, and learning through trial and error takes a lot of time and effort. I’ve been lucky to meet great mentors along the way who taught me a lot of what I know. They also gave me suggestions on which path would be best for me. I have, in turn, helped new grads from my alma mater and elsewhere, but I realized I could reach out to more people if I shared all that knowledge and research I’ve done into a website. So here I present to you, The Real NP, where real NP’s can come together to guide and inspire ourselves, each other, and the future.

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