Alphabet Soup: How are nurses supposed to order the abbreviations behind their names?

This is a simple post about nursing abbreviations behind names, mainly because I have been updating my CV and decided that once and for all I needed to know the correct way to do it! After much research, this is what I’ve concluded.

The correct sequence is:

1. Academic degrees (BSN, MSN, DNP, PhD) – though in the US it is common practice to only list the highest degree in a particular principle

2. Professional licenses (RN, FNP-BC, FNP-C – depending on which certification test you took. The AANP certification test gives you the NP-C, the ANCC certification test gives you a FNP-BC).

3. Professional certifications (any other certifications, for example I was a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner so I can list SANE here. Here’s a full list of nursing certifications… and my, there are many)

4. Professional associations and affiliations (optional, not super common).

If you have more than one in a category then place them high to low in importance, or if they’re equal you can put them in alphabetical order.

I know many student NP’s are nearing graduation time, so now is a good time to really work on that CV.. and might as well start with the correct letters behind your name :).

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