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P1010888The serious bit:

I am a family nurse practitioner living in Northern California but am originally from Los Angeles.  I’m currently working at a university healthcare system building a new nurse practitioner care support role, but I’ve also worked in a FQHC and an urgent care/occupational health center. Before becoming a nurse practitioner I worked as a med-surg and ER nurse in a busy Chicago hospital.

the staff of saibai island clinic

the staff of Saibai Island Clinic (and me! 3rd from the left)

I received my MSN at University of Illinois, Chicago as part of the Graduate Entry Program (GEP), specializing in Family Nurse Practitioner with a certificate in Forensic Nursing. As part of my clinicals I even got to spend a month with an APN on the remote Australian island of Saibai, close to Papua New Guinea (the only place I’ve ever worked where I could where flip-flops to work!)

I started this website as a way to share unique APN experiences, inspire the growth of our careers, and provide useful and accurate guides to help new APN’s navigate the waters. When I first started working as a nurse practitioner I was always curious about little things that I didn’t learn in school, such as what I was supposed to ask during an interview, and big things like how can I maintain sanity while dealing with all of my patients’ pain. I figured that a forum of discussion such as this blog would be the perfect way for all of us to learn from each other. This site is far from perfect, and I am by no means an expert on nurse practitioners. Most of this is either learned from trial and error on my part, or from asking my mentors lots of questions.  It’s still a learning process, as is everything in life!

The fun bit!

I am an adventurer/small child at heart. I spend my free time hiking, cooking, exploring new places close by as well as abroad, and playing my ukulele.  I am always open to learning something new, trying some interesting craft or project, and most importantly, spending time with my family and friends.


All images on the site are from my personal photo library. Most are from my travels, so please ask before taking. Thanks!


If you’re interested in contacting me or would like to be a guest writer, please contact me using the contact form below. Thanks!

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